We provide (and use) a wide variety of software to help control your VPS as well as making it easier to manage

DirectAdmin – DirectAdmin is our cheapest commercially supported package that provides all the functionality you need to run your website, giving you the ability to handle email, databases and website details from a single login.

cPanel – cPanel is the leading commercial Linux based control panel that offers a huge amount of features, but is also easy enough for beginners to use without feeling overwhelmed.

SolusVM – SolusVM is the control panel we provide to allow you to control all aspects of your VPS, including reloading and rebooting, as well as monitoring resources and availability. With online backups and integration into our DNS hosting service you can manage all your VPS functions from one simple login.

Dinky::DNS – Our DNS hosting solution allows you to manage your forward DNS records for your VPS including MX, SPF and TXT records, to name a few! This is a free service we offer to all of our clients.

WHMCS + Kayako – We use the industry leading combined WHMCS + Kayako to provide you with a single, secure, login portal to contact our sales, billing and support teams as well as checking invoices, making payments and all the other things needed to make sure your VPS is running smoothly.