Lots of companies out there run VPSs from low end hardware, built using ‘off the shelf’ consumer components hosted out of an office which was never designed to be connected to the Internet. That is not how we do it at Thrust VPS!

All of our servers are high quality Dell or Supermicro models with the latest Intel + AMD CPU’s + chips have bucket-loads of RAM. We couple this all together with lots of hard disks (RAID-10) to make sure your server flies while keeping your data as safe as possible.

We place all of this fantastic hardware in top of the range data centers with multiple fast pipes connecting to the internet, making sure your website displays for your visitors as quickly as possible, improving the browsing experience for everyone.

Gory Details

For those who want to know the actual hardware specs,our VPS nodes are at least of the following spec:

  • Dual 4 Core Xeon E55xx/E56xx (8-16 cores in total)
  • 48Gb RAM (or more)
  • RAID-10 Hardware RAID with 3Ware cards
  • Hot Swap Drive Bays
  • Supermicro or Dell server quality hardware
  • 100Mbit or 1Gbit public ports
  • 100Mbit or 1Gbit private ports
  • 1/2U rack mounted form factor