We know sometimes people want those little extra things that make the hosting¬†experience¬†just a bit nicer but don’t want to get hit with lots of hidden charges or extra fees. As such, we offer a range of addons which are either free or low cost and can be added at any time.

Dinky::DNS – This is our free DNS hosting combined with a bit of offsite shared hosting space for temporary storage as well as a subdomain for a holding/status site e.g. an offsite status page.

Dinky::Backup – 1GB of free offsite backup space with FTP, SSH, SFTP and rsync support. This can be upgraded from the basic free monthly offering with more storage although additional monthly costs are involved.

cPanel – The world’s most popular Linux-based control panel can be added onto any CentOS Linux VPS server. Order Here.

DirectAdmin – Secure, lightweight and fast this, cPanel alternative can on any CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu Linux VPS server. Order Here.

All of these can be ordered from the billing system or via an email to