Installing any generic OS

To install any operating system on XenHVM you need to mount the ISO image and then power up. Use the VNC access to install and configure the operating system just like any other computer.

Linux Specific

Linux Auto Installers.

The Linux Auto Installers are designed to make things simple. Our VPS will configure and install a base copy of Linux for you.

To do this simply follow these steps:

  • Mount an image with “AutoInstaller” in the name
  • Start the VPS
  • Click VNC

The VPS will now be installed. Once completed, login using the username “root” – by default there will be no password, however we suggest doing the command “passwd root” to change the password to maintain the security of your system.

Windows Specific


Neither Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 require your own license key. Windows Server 2003 has this included in the installation CD and Windows Server 2008 is activated manually by Support – see below.

Installing Windows 2003/2008

To install Windows 2008 (or any ISO based OS) please follow the following steps:

  • Login to SolusVM  and unmount any existing CD-ROM
  • Mount the CD you wish to use e.g. Windows 2008 or Windows 2003
  • Set the boot order to boot from CD-ROM then from Hard Disk choose
    • (1) CDROM
    • (2) Hard Disk
  • Power the server off (Shutdown)
  • Power the server on (Reboot)
  • Connect to the VNC console
  • To boot the Windows CD you need to press any key when prompted (just after the system has put up the BIOS message). This will then start the Windows installation process. You need to be quick on the VNC viewer to be able to get to this in time.
  • Once the install is done power down the server
  • Set the boot order to Hard Disk then CDRom
  • Boot the server

Enjoy your nice new shiny OS!

Post Installation

Activating Windows Server 2008

To activate your installation of Windows Server 2008, please contact Support within 10 days with appropriate remote access details so that we may login and do that on your behalf.

Default Passwords

The installation process does not set a default Administrator password. When prompted to login initially, just press “enter” and then change it.

Remote Access

The standard way to access a Windows Server operating system remotely is through Remote Desktop. Guides to switching this on in the respective OS’s are linked below:

For Windows Server 2003, click here.

For Windows Server 2008, click here.