Q) Do I get full root access?

A) Yes, you get full root access to your server. In addition, on our Xen HVM plans you also have the ability to upgrade and replace your own kernel, along with having custom partitioning.

Q) Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A) No we don’t currently. However, if you aren’t happy with any aspect of our service we are more than happy to work with people to resolve any issues. We do recommend that if you are new to VPS that you sign up initially on a month to month and, once you’ve settled in and are sure that VPS is the right solution for you, upgrade to a yearly account.

Q) What can I do on my VPS?

A) You can do anything you want on your VPS as long as it’s legal! Generally we do allow IRC as long as it doesn’t cause an issue. With P2P networks, please ask for special permission if you wish to connect to them.