Why Thrust?

Thrust::VPS is here to give your company the extra boost it needs to push it into the stratosphere! We build our VPS platform around a number of core principles:

Value for Money – we won’t be the cheapest (and we won’t be the most expensive either) but we will offer you the biggest bang for your buck. We offer VPS in 4 locations across the globe with a huge choice of operating systems including Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Not Oversold – we simply don’t oversell. Lots of companies out there might say that, but we really mean it! We let you use every last bit of the disk space and RAM that we’ve sold you, because it’s yours! If you use all your bandwidth by hosting a really popular site, we’ll be nothing but delighted for you and your business! As long as you don’t go over the pre-agreed limits, we promise we won’t charge you extra fees.

We know what we’re doing -┬áThrust::VPS is run by people who knew what VPS was before it even had the name VPS! You can be confident that we not only have the technical expertise and knowledge but we’ve also got the financial strength to survive the rough times – we aren’t going to suddenly disappear with your data and leave you in the lurch. That’s a promise.